Adoptions and Guardianship

Do you want to adopt a child?

      Maybe you have married or remarried and your new spouse wants to legally become your child’s parent?  Adoption may be the answer.

With over 30 years of experience, David A. Keith, ESQ can properly represent you in all aspects of adoptions and guardianship. You will be able to explain the real situation to the court.


Do you need to become a minor’s guardian due to:

                   1.  Death of the minor’s parent/s?

                    2.  The minor’s parent/s is/are unable to properly raise the child?

 Do you have an adult parent, brother, sister, or child who cannot fend for themselves?  Do they need someone to protect themselves and their assets?

Maybe you need to apply to become that person’s guardian in order that they have the right person for the right job.  Attorney Keith can assist you in being appointed to that position.

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